How To Sell Building Materials and Products to Architects and Interior Designers


Two Personas Sales Reps and Manufacturers Should Know

Independent sales reps carry many product/material lines, and they have to know a great deal about each one. Every line they represent is competing against another to make it onto the table for a lunch-and-learn or an in-office consult. At any time, sales reps have the opportunity to position your product/material as the best choice for a project. Your first challenge is to market your product/material to them in a way that invites reps to bring it forward most often. We've asked hundreds of reps why they choose to promote one product over another. The answer lies in understanding who the reps are selling to and giving them a reason to do it more frequently. That means companies must come up with consistent and interesting ways to motivate their reps.

What reason have you given your reps to promote your product/material first in the past 12, 6, 3 months?

Before we delve into personas, it is important to understand that reps are not merely there to sell. The job of rep is to earn the trust of their clients and to become the number one advisor who will help them make a choice that they will not regret. Keep in mind, Architects and Designers will hear about the failure of products/materials for years to come. Fear of failure is what drives them to specify products over and over again.

There are several types of personas that typically influence the specification sale:

  • Designers

  • Architects

  • Property Owners (Academic, Commercial and Residential)

  • Purchasing Agents

  • Contractors

  • Installers

The reason to know each of these personas is to gain a better understanding about what's at stake for them and how your product/material can help them solve their problems. Once your company is able to understand who your reps are working with, it will help you to create marketing materials that are relevant. For this exercise, we are going to focus on Architects and Designers.

As we meet each persona, can you figure out how your product/material is relevant to them?


Susan Milne

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