Improving Building Materials Sales Performance


Everyone Is Too Busy to Read. We've Become a Society of Scanners.

We are becoming experts at blocking out information. Architects, designers and builders don’t want more data to process, however, they are open to receiving information that will help them to be more successful.

With that in mind, the key to selling building materials and products is providing information that engages them.


How to Engage and Get the Attention of the Empowered Buyer:

It used to be that buyers had to work really hard to be empowered; they had to be curious, educated and analytical. They had to have a real desire for knowledge.

For specifiers or buyers of building products and materials, this was doubly true.

Google changed that:

  • Complex product information available in seconds

  • Ranked by relevance

  • Multiple formats to accommodate user preference, i.e., video, blog, podcast, white paper, etc.

It has become relatively easy for buyers or specifiers to be empowered enough to make the right building material or product decision.


Because manufacturers now generate volumes of searchable supporting content in the form of websites, case studies, video and social media. Technical specs, sample ordering and pricing are now just a search away. Specifiers and buyers now have it all on demand.

In the age of information, how can your sales team connect with your targets?

It’s simple:

Consistently share relevant, educational information with your targets that will help them be successful.

Volume doesn’t work. Sharing too much information is worse than not sharing at all.

Nurture sales by sharing content that is:

  • Relevant

  • Helpful

  • Will increase the chance of being successful

Here’s the rub:

Your sales team is too busy to find content and share it.

And while they know the product line well, they may not understand what architects, designers and builders find to be relevant. Many salespeople don’t share their tastes.

Companies must help salespeople connect with their targets and nurture leads by helping them come up with sharable content. This content usually comes from the CEO or Sales Manager in the form of an email campaign or newsletter to the sales force.


5 Easy Steps to Generate Great Sharable Content:

  1. Set up a series of Google alerts related to your category, design and your target markets, such as luxury residential or healthcare.

  2. Subscribe to relevant online magazines and blogs.

  3. Conduct a daily review of the alerts, magazines and blogs to find any potential stories of interest to your targets.

  4. Share with your sales team.

  5. Share on social media.

For example:

Let’s say your company makes high-performance surfaces for hospital systems. Architects, designers and contractors can easily find all of the product information they NEED on your site.

I would share a lot of articles on hospitality trends because health systems are increasingly competing for patients. Patients are consumers who are seeking a luxury boutique hotel experience for their hospital stay. OB units now advertise that having a baby at their site is a spa-like experience. The top healthcare architects and designers are attending sessions at NeoCon to learn how to bring the hospitality experience into healthcare.

Here are some examples of what I would share:

While none of these articles sell a specific product, they are:

  • Relevant

  • Helpful

  • Will increase the prospect’s chances of success

Most importantly:

They will establish your company as a valuable, deep authority who understands the needs of architects, designers and builders in a way that the competition does not.


Susan Milne

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