An overlooked target for building products and materials companies: Meet the Micro-Influencers


Um, what?

Micro-Influencers are on the rise. They are social personalities with 2,000+ followers who have become the tastemakers for their area of interest. Because they are passion driven, micro-influencers have a high level of engagement and influence over their communities. They are viewed as authentic— the content that they create is not perceived as marketing by their audience. This is not 100% accurate as many are paid to promote specific content and products. They expertly mix the paid content in with their own to create a seamless branded perspective.


Are they effective?

  • Deliver 60% higher level of engagement over regular social media campaigns.
  • Are 6.7x more efficient per engagement than influencers with larger followings.
  • Have 22.2x more weekly conversations than the average consumer.

For building materials and product companies, working with smaller influencers, those with a following of 30,000 or less can provide the most engagement from architects, designers and homeowners because they are so trusted.

Whose brand are they supporting, yours or theirs? Great question. These folks were seemingly born (not all micro influencers are millennials by any means) with a camera in their hands and passion to share their unique perspective with the world. They have created a personal brand for themselves, first and foremost, and use other brands as a way of building their own. And that is what makes them so successful. They are the tastemakers.

Instagram is the right space for micro-influencers to reach interior designers, architects and homeowners because it is visually driven and easy to search. It’s the perfect platform for a high design minded audience who is seeking inspiration and eye candy for building products, materials and designs.

Part of your social media marketing mix should include creating relationships with micro-influencers. It can be an inexpensive way to build awareness with your targets. In this case, it’s less about audience size and more about the passion or focus of the micro-influencer. Remember, authenticity is paramount to a micro-influencers success.


Here are some of our favorites:


Susan Milne

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