We grow sales by creating brands that specifiers are willing to fight for


Why we are different

Our business is built on understanding how specifiers think. The way an architect or a designer makes decisions differs from other consumers. Most architectural product companies don’t understand that—digital agencies and marketing firms even less so.

Where other agencies guess, we know what architects and designers think about specific products. We keep them on retainer to vet new products, review marketing programs, weigh-in on sample systems, evaluate sales presentations, and more.

Epiphany lives in the specifier’s world. Our office space is shared with a medium-sized architectural design firm, placing us right in the thick of it. We know how specifiers work, what influences their choices, and what product failure can mean for their career.

We see how your competition is selling. From making appointments, to lunch-and-learns and leave behinds, we see them come and go all day long. We know how they deliver samples, who’s refreshing the library and who isn’t. Most importantly, we understand how much of that information specifiers retain and act on.

We have access to sample libraries across the region. As each firm specializes in different sectors, it is important to understand which products they value and how the samples will sit in the library. Thanks to our access and insights, we can often spot a trend before it becomes one.


Our Story

Epiphany was just that – a revelation. We came to be because truly good work comes when we do what inspires us most. We are strategists, designers, and writers who are drawn to the design of the world around us and the business of our built environment. Epiphany was born from the notion that by putting a singular focus on marketing for architectural product and building material companies, we can truly move the needle.  

Every year, architects and interior designers specify millions of architectural products and building materials, representing billions of dollars in sales. Getting your products on their preferred list requires a deep understanding of how they think, how they work, what they value and how your products fit into their world. If you want to have a part of this billion-dollar industry, you must understand who is specifying and why.

We’ve worked both sides of this industry—helping architects and interior designers grow their businesses as well as helping companies like yours get their products specified. We’ve been specifiers ourselves. After years of observation, we can tell you that the building and architectural product companies that understand this unique audience and tailor their marketing efforts to them become industry leaders. That’s what we do.




Susan Milne

Principal, Chief Creative Officer

As founder and president of Epiphany, Susan’s career includes more than 20 years in the advertising industry. She has designed and strategized for brands including Coca-Cola, Marriott, Saab, L’Oreal, Mattel and the Girl Scouts. [Read more]


Kenya Gibson

Principal, Chief Executive Officer

She’s a marketing maven. Design disciple. PTA proponent. And seasoned architectural products strategist. What sets Kenya apart? A blend of highly analytical and creative thinking, evidenced by degrees in economics, fine arts and architecture—[Read More]