Austin may be a full time graphic design student at Longwood University, but he has more experience than many people who’ve been in the business for years. He’s a perfectionist with a passion for creative thinking and a sharp wit.

When he’s not busy designing at Epiphany, he’s the Senior Art Director of Design Lab, Longwood’s student-run design agency, creating everything from logos to bus wraps. He’s also helped kids ages 6-16 as an art teacher in after school and summer programs.

When Austin’s not at work designing, he spends his free time designing, because that’s how much he loves what he does. He’s certainly a busy guy, but rest assured, he will always make time for a cup of coffee and a sarcastic remark.

As for awards, Austin once won a bike in a competitive chocolate milk drinking contest. We expect a lot of design awards to share a mantle with that trophy soon.