Since he’s the son of an interior designer and the grandson on an architect, you could say Brian’s been preparing for this job since birth. And his skills show it. This thoughtful young talent brings a rare sense of wisdom to the table in all he does.

Plus, he rides motorcycles.

Brian came to us after working as the lead designer and creative director of Burnt Creative, a very cool shop that folded after its owner took a job in LA. Before that, he was hands-on in the world of makers, as a woodworker and graphic designer for the wood reclamation company Wellborn & Wright.

A product of the rigorous VCU art foundation program, Brian earned a BFA in graphic design. A month-long immersion in Tokyo, cross-country road trip, 25 tattoos and counting plus 15 years of skateboarding have all been influences on his art. Among his many accomplishments: his typeface Connectatype was published in a German yearly magazine called Sushi 13. They also asked him to design the back cover. Check it out.