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Webinar: Web Design Strategies for Architectural Product Sales

Your website can be your best salesperson – have you set it up to succeed? In this 30 minute workshop, we will review the basics of crafting a strong web presence that can maximize sales by grabbing the interest of website visitors, and converting that interest into viable leads and sales.


Webinar: What Are Your Barriers to Success

What’s stopping you from achieving real sales growth? Whether your roadblock is people-related, process-related, product-related, or a mix of all of the above, it’s critical to identify those factors which lead to stagnant sales. Our 30-minute workshop identifies key barriers that prevent most companies from successfully marketing and selling to specifiers.

Webinar: A Crash Course on Building Material Buyers

How well do you know the people you sell to? Watch our 30-minute workshop where we'll dive into the minds of your customers. Our presentation includes key insights about the key groups that specify and/or influence every sale, including architects, interior designers, contractors, distributors, developers and more.

Webinar: Sell to Architects & Interior Designers Profitably

Watch our 30-minute workshop focused on growing sales by building lasting, profitable relationships with architects and designers. If it feels harder than ever to capture enough of their attention to demonstrate the value of your product or service—then this webinar is for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Specified

Getting your products on their preferred list requires a deep understanding of how your customers think, how they work, what they value and how your products fit into their world. If you want to have a part of this billion-dollar industry, you must understand who is specifying and why.

This comprehensive 75-page reference can help, outlining best practices in every aspect of an effective marketing plan including messaging, trade shows and sample books. We’ve worked both sides of this industry—helping architects and interior designers grow their businesses as well as helping companies like yours get their products specified. After years of observation, we know that the building and architectural product companies that understand their audience can become industry leaders.

Hospitality Trend Report

Businesses that sell to specifiers need to stay ahead of the trends. What industry serves as a bellwether for what’s to come? Hospitality.

The hospitality industry constantly reinvents itself to keep up with our ever-evolving needs as travelers. Hospitality is impacted both by shifts in how we work, and how we aspire to spend our time when we’re away from work. These concepts then filter into healthcare, multi-family housing, and commercial spaces. Discover the trends that will shape the industry in the coming year to see what architects, designers, and builders will be specifying next.

7 Steps to Get Specified

Evolving taste, the labor shortage, more competition and the growing impact of online commerce has created an unprecedented rate of change. To stay relevant, the best sales and marketing teams are changing with it. Although there is no single formula or set of tactics every company can easily apply to grow sales – there is a straightforward process. If you want to clear path to increasing specifications, there are seven fundamental steps every business should take.

Building Material Buyer Persona Cards

How well do you know the distributors, architects, engineers, contractors, owners and interior designers that you sell to?

Buyer personas create a three-dimensional view of your target. It helps define how they think, what (or who) their influencers are and what stake they have in the sale—think of it as a field guide to your typical customer. By identifying needs, wants, concerns and priorities, you cultivate a rich understanding of their professional roles so you are able to communicate with them more effectively. Each card is based on our curated understanding of specifier demographics, behavioral patterns, motivations and goals. Keep reading to get to know them little better.