Our services have a single objective: to encourage customers to specify your product


Listen, Strategize, and Create

In today’s market landscape, no company, building material or not, can expect to build a successful business based on their product or service alone. That’s where we come in. Effective marketing is the bedrock of sales and the foundation for the future. Our mission is twofold:

  1. To grow immediate revenue by providing comprehensive sales support that drives customer awareness boosts sales force productivity, and improves closing ratio

  2. To ensure sustainable growth through strategic planning initiatives focused on capturing future market opportunities that will secure the long-term health and prosperity of a company

This work requires that we listen, strategize and create.

At the start, we need a comprehensive understanding of your business, as it provides critical information about your prospective and existing customers, competitors and your industry in general. We use this insight to define a strategic plan. Then we execute on the plan, creating marketing assets to reach and convert new specifiers. Epiphany can help you attract customers through a range of tactics tailored to your business objectives.

Branded Content

In a world filled with generic content, authentic content only your company could create delivers outstanding results. Powerful content inspires, educates, solves the specifier’s problem, and reinforces your brand. Whether it takes the form of a blog, video, or downloadable eBook, high-quality content is the cornerstone of any winning marketing system.

Brochures and Sell Sheets

Print is not dead. Physical materials like brochures and sell sheets seduce specifiers with branded experiences they can hold in their hands. Effective brand strategies deliver content in multiple formats to meet specifiers at every step of their journey.

Campaigns and Promotions


Conceptual advertising campaigns can catapult your product (and brand) into a new stratosphere. Strong campaigns raise awareness, spark emotion, and make a deep connection to the product line—in a way specifiers can’t forget. When it comes to promotional items, they should be as smart and sophisticated as the products they promote. No excuses. End of story.

CRM, SEO, and Lead Generation

These are the mechanics that amplify your branded content. Everything is tied into a trackable and measurable system, where all data feeds back to your CRM. We grow your rankings with SEO, while lead-nurturing email campaigns are created with marketing automation that your sales team can leverage.

Sales Materials and Samples

Impactful sales is built on a trifecta: compelling presentations, a team inspired by exciting campaigns, and impressive sample systems that can be confidently left behind in libraries. All of these elements must harmonize with your website and brand.

Social Media

This is where your brand gets to be friends with specifiers. It’s fun, compelling, and a great platform for honest conversations. Communities like Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn can all be used to nurture sales, drive traffic back to your website and grow your CRM.

Trade Shows and Events

This is the place for a company to let its brand take the lead. In a sea of “meh”, authentic brand experiences stick with specifiers beyond raffles, brochures, gimmicks, and cocktail parties (though, we’re not knocking those). Even if you’re a quiet brand, be quietly bold. Effective trade show efforts should be measurable and connected with CRM and future lead nurturing efforts.